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Used Lyres for Sale

Finding the right lyre to own is an important step and we encourage potential buyers to thoroughly research all lyres for sale. We are happy to offer guidance as you consider the options for buying: new or used; large or small; which builder is appropriate for you and the types of lyres they offer. The lyre you purchase should bring you a lifetime of beautiful music!

LANA offers our members the opportunity to buy and sell used lyres through Lyre Notes and on our website. The sales transaction is solely between the buyer and the seller, and we do not take responsibility for the condition of lyres being sold or purchased. All communication must go directly through the seller, and buyers should have all their questions answered before purchasing a used lyre. Any problems with the transaction must be addressed directly with the seller.

Gartner Solo Alto Lyre for Sale:

  • 1987 Circa

  • Heavenly, deep tones

  • Excellent Condition

  • Case included

  • You pay shipping (Lyre is in Olympia, WA)

  • Asking $3,000.00

I have used this lyre for 20 years in Healing Sessions, Uncovering the Voice Work and Hospice Music bedside work for 6 years as a Certified Music Practitioner, and in Concerts and on Recordings. I have shifted my focus and would like for someone who will use this regularly to be the new owner. It has an exquisite rich tone. In lyre groups it has consistently been known to be the "pure tone" lyre. It evokes heaven and specifically the divine mother energies.

Contact: Jan Jorgensen RN, MA, CMP at or (707) 206-5068

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