Movement – Sound – Music

Working with New Instruments in pedagogy and therapy with both children and adults, toward developing a future-bearing listening

We will work with metal instruments (gongs, rods, cymbals, and others), stringed instruments (lyres, including pentatonic and Bordun lyres, psalteries, chrottas), wind instruments (C-flutes, pentatonic flutes, ocarinas), and percussion instruments (drums, rattles, etc.). Our work will be based on the books by Reinhild Brass (Hörwege entdecken) and Gerhard Beilharz (Musik in Pädagogik und Therapie and Erziehen und heilen durch Musik), focusing on new methods in music pedagogy and therapy, as is possible with these new instruments. No previous musical experience necessary.


The Lyre Association of North America is delighted to open registration for our 2019 summer lyre conference:

The Lyre Association of North America welcomes you to its summer Musical Renewal Conference with Veronika Roemer, July 1-5, 2019 at Camphill Village–Kimberton Hills, 1601 Pughtown Rd, Phoenixville, PA.  After registration on Monday, July 1st, the conference will begin with LANA’s Annual General Meeting at 4:45 pm and end with lunch on Friday, July 5th at 1 pm.

Please use this form to print and mail with your deposit to: LANA, 2237 Kimberton Rd, Phoenixville, PA 19460. You can also register online at:

__ I am a LANA member* – Deposit: $75 ($225 early / $275 May 1–June 20)
__ I am not a member – Deposit: $125 (Fee: $275 / $325) *___ Join LANA ($40 reg./$50 support)

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☐ Registration for the Youth Program (Teens, Fee: $150) ☐ Register an adult with Special Needs (Fee: $225)

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☐ All meals ($100) or: ☐ Lunches only ($60) ☐ Suppers only ($40).

Lunch and supper meals are available from Mon. supper through Fri. lunch.
Please indicate any diet restrictions: (vegetarian, gluten- or dairy-free?) ______________________________

☐ I will bring a lyre. ☐ I need to borrow a lyre. Type preferred: _____________________________________
☐ I can bring: Choroi flute, Ocarina(s), Indian flute(s), Didgeridoo, or non-traditional Wind instrument (circle type)
☐ Bowed instruments such as chrotta (non-traditional string) ☐ Metal instruments: small bronze gongs ONLY.

I will arrange housing on my own. ☐ I prefer a local hotel, ☐ Airbnb or private home (approx. $35-40/night),
or ☐ lodging on campus at Camphill. (Contact Margo for information about housing options -

To apply for Financial Aid (by May 1st), go to


Veronika Roemer

Our conference will be led by Veronika Roemer, professional violist, pianist, lyrist, and Seminar Music Teacher at The Camphill School, Glenmoore, PA. She also teaches musical renewal in China, Hungary, and North America. Veronika has spent many years studying sound and its healthy cultivation for both children and adults. She is eager to share with us the results of her work with international colleagues on this subject as well as her own experiences as a lyrist and multi-faceted musician and teacher.

Details about Movement-Sound-Music
Working with New Instruments in Pedagogy and Therapy, towards Developing a New Future-Bearing Listening

After the international lyre conference in Holland last summer, this years’ conference will focus on a larger theme connected to our work out of the Movement for Musical Renewal. This conference is intended for all ages and abilities, including beginners, and we also warmly invite the participation of older children and teens as well as adults with special needs. The conference will be very much a hands on event with no previous musical experience required!

Each day during morning and afternoon full group sessions, Veronika will lead us in activities/games for listening and improvisation, most of which will involve movement. (Please bring eurythmy slippers or other soft shoes.) In addition, we will have small group sessions, so that all participants will have a chance to do specialized work with metal, wind, and string instruments. We will also have different ability levels of lyre groups each afternoon as well as a daily singing session. Youth and adults with special needs will have their own lyre groups. If the registration numbers are sufficient, the youth may have their own program in the afternoon, which would include recreational activity. Adults with special needs will also have their own ensemble work in the afternoon. On Thursday evening, July 4th, we will offer a public presentation of our work to local residents, family, and friends.

Camphill Village Kimberton Hills, a beautiful rural community in southeastern Pennsylvania, is a perfect location for such a conference. In addition to the comfortable indoor spaces where we will play, there are lovely walking paths where one often meets the friendly and welcoming village residents. There is also an onsite café where we will have our lunches and suppers each day. Some lodging will also be available in the village in addition to hotels, Airbnbs, and private homes in the area.

LANA's 2019 Summer Conference promises to be a unique and rewarding opportunity to deepen our innate musical capacities, thereby strengthening our sense of what it means to be truly human. Please plan to join us for this special conference from Monday afternoon, July 1, through Friday morning, July 5 at Camphill Village Kimberton Hills, in beautiful southeastern Pennsylvania.

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