Lyre Conferences

In keeping with our three-year rhythm, the conference in 2013 focused on the broader principles of the Movement for Musical Renewal.  This year’s conference (2014) will concentrated on the lyre, and in 2015 there will be an international lyre conference.  

(See Lyre 2015 conference details here )

Regional Workshops

Your LANA Board is committed to furthering the sounding of the lyre in all regions of the US and Canada.  If you would like to raise funds to help organize a regional workshop in your area, please contact Channa Seidenberg at / 518-672-4389.

Youth Lyre Program

The board of the Lyre Association has made a commitment to work with young people on an on-going basis.

Some background:  In the Winter of 2001, as the board of the Lyre Association turned to the planning of the 2002 Summer Conference in preparation for our World Lyre Congress in 2003, Channa Seidenberg voiced a strong wish that we begin to imagine a way to incorporate children into our work with the lyre. Knowing of the work with children going on in Europe, we felt that such a possibility might even encourage a few of these young people to come from abroad to meet and play with American lyre students, much as the adults would be doing. We were very enthusiastic about that vision, and Channa, Joanna Carey, and Sheila Johns became ad hoc Children’s Program coordinators for both the 2002 conference, where we had 14 young participants, as well as for the 2003 congress where we had 16 American students plus, in the end, 1 student from Germany. Working with these young people was such a joy! It was truly inspiring to experience what was possible with them – how eager they were to work, how quickly they picked things up, and how much enjoyment they had in the process. Many of our friends were able to hear some of the fruit of their labors in the public concert following the World Congress.

During 2004-2008 the Lyre Board again took the opportunity to look deeply at the impulse to do lyre work with our young people and realized that it is just such young people that will be in a position to carry forward the work of the lyre and other instruments into the future!