Our Vision

  • To foster the experience and recognition of the freed tone

  • To foster the rediscovery and the deepening of the capacity to listen

  • To initiate, inspire, and support the sounding of the lyre for artistic, pedagogical, and therapeutic activity

  • To support the development of a movement for musical renewal in all its manifestations

Some of our activities include:

  • Sponsoring conferences and other events, such as regional gatherings

  • Sponsoring workshops for children

  • Publishing Lyre Notes (a newsletter) and Soundings (a journal)

  • Renting lyres

  • Offering a music sales service

  • Working with lyre builders

  • Communicating with lyrists and lyre associations around the world.

Board Members

Sheila phelps johns

Sheila Phelps Johns, President

Sheila holds a Bachelor of Music degree in Piano Accompanying from the University of Southern California and a Master of Music degree in Piano Performance from Wichita State University. She has also played and taught the lyre since 1996, and she has completed post-graduate training in both vocal and instrumental anthroposophic music therapy. She lived in the Washington D.C. area for 30 years where she worked as a community musician using a therapeutic approach in a wide variety of venues that include classroom and private work with children and adults, creating music in social settings, and work with the ill and the dying. In 2014, she moved to Cuenca, Ecuador. She continues to be actively involved with anthroposophic and music initiatives in the U.S. and now in South America as well.

Nancy Carpenter

Nancy Carpenter, Vice-President

In January of 1993, Janet McGavin noticed Nancy's long arms and placed her own alto lyre in Nancy's hands. She hasn't stopped playing since. Retired from class teaching at the Detroit Waldorf School, Nancy now plays for the preschool through fifth grade eurythmy classes and teaches kinderharp to the first through third graders and lyre to the fourth through eighth graders after school. She also plays for the Christian Community services, Branch festivals and whenever anyone else asks.

Julia Elliott

Julia Elliott, Secretary

Julia Elliott has been involved with the musical life at the Waldorf School her children attended in Beverly, MA, for nearly twenty years. She has worked as the eurythmy pianist and instrumental accompanist and currently teaches chorus to the upper grades. She never encountered the lyre, however, until attending the Resonare course in Philmont, NY, four years ago. After hearing the tone of the lyre, her understanding of how we experience music deepened dramatically. She now tries to integrate that experience into her work with student singers and instrumentalists, and is grateful for the ways in which the lyre has shaped her capacity for listening. She lives on Boston’s North Shore with her husband and three children.

Margo ketchum

Margo Ketchum, Treasurer

Margo was first introduced to the lyre in 1984 in Orcas Island, WA, when the Waldorf school eurythmist handed her a lyre and asked Margo to accompany the kindergarten and early grades' classes with lyre (instead of piano). After moving to the East Coast in 1985, she attended her first Lyre Conference and, responding to a request for support by Janet McGavin, began serving as secretary to APLANI (Assoc. for Promoting the Lyre as a New Instrument USA).  She later joined the Board of Directors.  Margo lives in Kimberton, PA.

Catherine Decker

Catherine Decker

Catherine Decker

Catherine Decker is a movement therapist and Spacial Dynamics® practitioner, completing an advanced training in Spacial Dynamics®. As a special educator and developmental specialist, she works with disadvantaged children in western Massachusetts. Throughout her adult life Cate has enjoyed choral singing, and she explores music improvisation with the lyre. She has been involved with Resonare since 2008, first as a student and subsequently in the role of movement teacher.

Cheryl Martine

Cheryl Martine

Cheryl holds a Master’s Degree in Anthropology from the New School for Social Research in NYC, and a Doctorate in the Social Foundations of Educations from UNC-Chapel Hill. She has taught college in North Carolina and Maine, worked in a residential Community School for teens, taught Anthropology in prison, and has facilitated program development for a Studies in Anthroposophy program in Maine. She was introduced to the Celtic harp several years ago, became a certified music practitioner (MHTP), and has played for hospice patients for many years. While at the 2014 Mystery Dramas, she met Christof-Andreas Lindenberg who enthusiastically recommended the Resonare program, for which she is most grateful. The course opened up the world of sound in a way that spoke deeply to her. Consequently, she sold her harp and had a lovely solo lyre made for her by Alan Thewless. Currently, she is developing her ability to play the lyre, which she has played when called upon by hospice or for local Anthroposophical/Waldorf events. She has just moved from Maine to Fair Oaks, California.

wendy polich

Wendy Polich

Wendy fell in love with the lyre in 2013 while attending a course where she met former LANA Board member Debbie Barford. Debbie brought her lyre and every time she played, Wendy was bathed and entranced by the tones. Debbie recognized a sister lyrist soul and suggested she rent a lyre from LANA. Wendy now owns a Derscheid solo lyre, lovingly restored by lyre builder Alan Thewless. While a Camphill coworker in 2015-2016, she was fortunate to play weekly with the members of the S.E. Pennsylvania Lyre Ensemble. She completed Resonare, Foundation Course in Music out of Anthroposophy, in 2017. She also completed the Music for Healing and Transition Program and is currently a Certified Music Practitioner, playing for patients in area hospitals. Wendy lives in Littleton, Colorado.

Channa Seidenberg

Channa Seidenberg

Channa A. Seidenberg

Channa is a music therapist, musician, and composer based in Copake, NY. She is a co-founder and faculty member of Resonare. She is the founder and director of the Camphill Village Ensemble in Copake, NY. Channa provides music therapy for children and adults in New York at Camphill Village in Copake, at Camphill Triform and at her Harmonia Center for Instrumental and Vocal Music Therapy in Philmont.  She is the founder and director of The Hadley Lyre Ensemble. Channa is a co-founder of the Lyre Association of North America.

colleen shetland

Colleen Shetland

In the long-distant past, Colleen Shetland taught public speaking on the college level, and later was a Waldorf teacher. She first heard a group of lyrists playing together in 1994, and had no doubt she was hearing “the music of the angels.” She resolved to learn to play the lyre. Colleen has just moved to the Syracuse, NY area, where she plans to play the lyre at local hospitals and hospices, as she did formerly in the Washington, DC area. Colleen continues to be dedicated to promoting the freed tone of the lyre; to supporting renewed capacities for listening; and to making materials about and for the lyre accessible to a wider public.