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Two Publications: Lyre Notes and Soundings: A Lyre Review  

In 2006 we published our final "newsletter"! In 2007, our 25th year, the former newsletter gave birth to two different publications:

• The Lyre Notes contains news, announcements and reports of recent lyre happenings, as well as a list of lyre teachers, board members and instruments for sale or rent. It is being published three times a year, in the fall, winter and spring, and is generally sent to our entire mailing list. Here are links to all issues of the Lyre Notes.

 Soundings: A Lyre Review contains articles of substance and a music supplement. It is published annually and generally sent only to members.  Here is a link to the contents of the Soundings volumes.

By separating these two types of material, we feel we are able to produce more frequent and better quality publications and to better serve the needs of the lyre community in North America.

The Treasures in Soundings: A Lyre Review  

We hope that everyone in the lyre community is aware of the riches in our journal, Soundings: A Lyre ReviewEach issue of Soundings is published in two parts, one containing articles of real substance and permanent value and the other containing a good amount of music. They have been received much praise from the members who have been receiving them. 

A very special feature in each issue of Soundings is an installment of the long-awaited "Lyre Tutor" by Christof-Andreas Lindenberg. Another highlight is the publication in the music supplement of two sets of compositions by Christof-Andreas collected under the title "At the Threshold or Beyond", for those who are approaching death or who have crossed over. We are grateful to Catherine Read, the late Jean Anderberg, Samantha Embrey, Sheila Johns, Channa Seidenberg, and Colleen Shetland for their careful and inspired editing; to Richard Carter, Margo Ketchum, and Jonathan Stewart for their extensive design work, and to Samantha Embrey and Rosamond Hughes for their beautiful musical notation.

Not receiving Soundings? We warmly invite you to join the Lyre Association of North America if you are not currently a member. Members not only support the work of the Lyre Association but also receive an annual subscription to Soundings and a discount on our conference fees and music sales. The annual fee is $50 for supporting members and $35 for regular members. To join, click here.

  Back issues are available!  

* Back issues of Soundings are available in our online store for $9.50 each plus shipping cost. Members receive a 5% discount. 

* Back issues of most of our Lyre Notes newsletters (pre-2007) are available. 
Please contact Margo Ketchum for pricing and availability (610-608-9281; lyrists@gmail.com).

  We'd love to hear from you!

• For the upcoming issues of the Lyre Notes, please send news, announcements, and reports on events in your area along with photos to Wendy Polich (wendypolich@hotmail.com / 6418 S. Acoma St., Littleton, CO 80120).

 For Soundingssubmit articles, poems, or music to Margo Ketchum (lyrists@gmail.com / 2237 Kimberton Road, Phoenixville, PA 19460).

Letters to the editor are welcome for both publications!