Lyre Association of North America

Lyre 2015 News – May 2015

Lyre 2015 News – May 2015

  Dear friends of the lyre,

  Spring is greeting us here inthe USA with its beautiful blossoms, warming air, and increasing light, which is lifting our spirits with the vision of new possibilities and enthusiasm for our upcoming endeavors!  It is our sincere hope that each of you is experiencing a similar mood of expectation and renewed forces in your various regions of the world as we move confidently toward the approaching summer and Lyre 2015.

  We have a very important reminder for everyone on this 14th of May that signals only ONE MORE DAY before the Early Bird deadline to register for our upcoming international conference.  Today and tomorrow until midnight Eastern Daylight Time in the USA, our conference fee will remain at $350.  Beginning on Saturday, May 16th,the cost will increase to $400.  If you have the intention to join us for the conference and have just not had time toregister, NOW is the time to save $50! The most important thing is for you to submit your registration form as soon as possible!  Here again is the link to all the forms:  If you are not sure about your finances, need more time to organize your personal affairs, or if you have any other extenuating circumstances that may be delaying your registration, please contact us immediately at so that we know your situation and can work with you.  As long as you have simply submitted your registration information by midnight on Friday, we will still honor the Early Bird discount!

  Important note to lyre builders, workshop leaders, or other conference carriers who have waivers or discounts on the conference fee: We also need to have your registration forms in hand by the 15th in order to avoid the additional $50 charge.

  Because we are holding our conference at a university, we must comply with certain deadlines in order to meet their requirements.  This is the reason that we have to be firm about our dates for registration.  We thank everyone for giving prompt attention to this request in order to support the necessary process leading up to a successful conference this summer!

We continue to receive exciting and new workshop offerings, and we are including here our most recent list of workshops for both the morning and afternoon.  We are still hoping for more workshop offerings and will continue to send regular updates with details on all workshops as well as the lyre groups.  If you are thinking about offering a workshop and wish to have your conference fee waived, NOW IS THE TIME to register and let us know of your intention!

  We do have complete programs in place for both of our adjunct conferences for the youth and the teachers.   We will be sending out full schedules over the next several weeks, but we want to share a few more details with you now.

  The Pedagogy Conference will open with a full group session for the opening evening of Saturday, August 1st, and then we will spend the next full day in various focus groups according to areas of interest.  We will also sing together and share experiences and music from ALL of the focus groups by the time we conclude on Monday morning. Please note that both lunch meals are included in your low registration fee for the Pedagogy Conference!