Anouncements from North America

Foundation Studies in Music Out of Anthroposophy

A new cycle is beginning in September 2016. This course is open to all who have an interest in exploring the elements of music. The primary focus is on developing one’s capacities for listening and investigating the qualities of tone. For this exploration, we turn to the lyre with its unique ability to release musical tone from the physicality of the instrument. In addition to our work with the lyre, course content includes singing, music theory, and the study of Rudolf Steiner’s lectures on the nature of music. Participants explore the relationship to intervals and are given the opportunity to apply this understanding to improvisation. Movement sessions, including Spacial Dynamics and eurythmy, form an important aspect of each weekend. Working in a small group, the structure is designed to provide ample time for experiential learning in a supportive environment.

The schedule for the Resonare Music Foundation course consists of five long weekends from September 2016 through May 2017. We begin with a supper each Thursday evening and end by mid-day Sunday. We meet at the Harmonia Center for Instrumental and Vocal Music Therapy, based in Philmont, NY.  Applications are now being accepted for September. For more information, please contact Channa Seidenberg at (518) 672-4389. E-mail:


AWME invites you to
The 17th Annual Waldorf Summer Music Conference!

In its 17th year, the 2016 Waldorf Summer Music Conference will offer a journey through the grades, looking more closely at what stands behind the music curriculum. Bringing ‘the right thing at the right time’ is the hallmark of Waldorf education, and the music curriculum reflects this profound pedagogy.

WHEN: July 10, 2016 @ 5:30 pm – July 15, 2016 @ 1:00 pm
WHERE: Cedarwood Waldorf School, 3030 SW 2nd Ave, Portland, OR 97201 USA
COST: $455 for AWME members; $495 for non-members
CONTACT: Diana Bright – 503-863-9112 - 

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Announcing the start of the second
East Coast Foundational Singing Training with Christiaan Boele

This part-time training meets twice a year beginning Summer 2016 in Spring Valley, NY at The Threefold Educational Foundation. Contact Shannon Boyce at for more details and to register.