Akiyo Lambert-Kai: "Peaceful Lyre" Workshops

At the 2015 International Conference., I met many people from around the world, and through those encounters I recognized again how joyful and wonderful it is to interact with different people.

I facilitated two workshops:  In my morning workshop, the participants came from various countries. I always kept in mind the conference title, ‘Peaceful Lyre.’ We created a group with strong unity, where advanced players waited until beginners could play with ease. Everyone had the power to enjoy and the heart to help each other, instead of fearing mistakes. We started with body movements, and then we had sound communications with lyre. I told about the history and the basso continuo in the music pieces.

In the afternoon workshop, some participants were from the youth group. I brought more powerful content. The workshop title was ‘Renaissance Music,’ and I prepared a French piece for lyre. I also added some choreography, mixing the renaissance dance and the eurythmy. Each one showed an expression for one word by the eurythmy movements: Hope, Soul, Heart, Music, Lyre, Love.

The conference in Detroit was a wonderful experience... it allowed me to discover a new me. To the team and to the participants, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude.  -Akiyo