Lyre Association of North America

Channa A. Seidenberg, Philmont, New York

Honoring Colin Tanser

In late February, the Camphill Village Ensemble will pay tribute to Colin Tanser, who has been ill for some time. He is one of our most beloved composers of music for the lyre, and we will honor him by presenting Colin’s "Everyman."  This piece was originally written for the International Lyre Conference in Belfast in 2006.

As part of the tribute, we will sing the "Thornbury Days" songs, selections from "Circle of Songs" and "Star-wished Night." Colin's wife, Jennie, wrote many of the words to Colin's vocal music. In addition, there will be lyre pieces from the "Heart's Reply." A member of our Camphill Village Lyre Group will speak about Colin and his many contributions over the years.

Thank you, Colin, for your gifts to us!