Activities of the Kimberton Lyre Group

By Kerry V. Lee

The activities of a lyre group can be so diverse, and then they can also be very similar in so many ways. We, of course, do what so many lyre groups across the country do, that is, the Rose Ceremony at the beginning of the school year. The seniors greet the new first graders and become their buddies, giving each a rose, while the lyrists play beautiful music fitting to the occasion. We also play at the end of the school year for the Rose Ceremony, where the first graders wish the seniors farewell by giving each of them a rose. We are joined by a bass recorder, which sounds beautiful with the lyres, and a side flute for these occasions. We also play for the Advent Garden the first Sunday of Advent, another occasion loved by each of us.

Members of our ensemble look forward to these yearly opportunities to play, not because of our varied connections to the Waldorf School, past and present, but out of the love of the lyre and what it brings to these festivals. We have become so in tune with each other that we begin to breathe in the music together. What a wonderful feeling when we make tempo changes in exactly the same way. Of course it means practicing together weekly for years.

Our group also does things that might be different from other groups. Each year our Threshold group has a workshop, and the lyre group accompanies the ending, bringing a very beautiful and wonderful atmosphere. We have played for our local Time Bank’s annual meeting, which was well received. We take our lyres to someone who is ill, in the hospital, or at home in the dying process. Some of us play for the Christian Community services. Our group uses the "12 Fifth" tuning otherwise known as Maria Renold tuning. We all are very happy with this tuning as the pure fifth sound really brings a freeing feeling that makes one want to take a deep breath when you are tuning and get it right.

Wishing all of you lots of fun with your lyre! -Kerry