Lyre Association of North America

News from the U.K.

By Anna Prokhovnik Cooper, for the Arion Lyre Association of the UK and Ireland –

The Arion Association decided that this year, 2016, we wouldn't have an annual lyre workshop in one place, but take a small tour around places in the U.K. that request a lyre concert. We have decided to "showcase" the wonderful music of Colin Tanser, who has written so much music to enhance and further the playing of the lyre. Also, we hope to enthuse more lyre players in the areas we visit, and so build up our lyre playing community.

The tour begins in a few weeks' time, and we'll play eight concerts, in the southeast and southwest of England and in Northern Ireland. Many of these will be with the help of special needs' friends, as the music requires the playing of bells, kanteles, and a choir. We'll adapt to the situation in each place. I will also do a talk on the lyre, illustrated with lyre music, at the Christian Community in London. It pleases me greatly that we'll be playing our lyres to others so much in the month of the 90th anniversary of the lyre! Thank you dear Channa, for pointing this out!

Next Spring we will perform at least three more Tanser concerts, and if anyone else in the world would like to join the "Tanser Tour," I'll send a programme of the music to you – or you can make your own!

Happy lyre playing! –Anna