News from Brazil - Songs and Christmas stories for kids!


By Flávia Betti, Belo Horizonte, Brazil -

Dear friends!

In gratitude to the beautiful musical path we walked this year we will make, on December 8th, in our little school, a Festival where each group will present a song to the whole Cântaro school, prepared with great affection. In the last weeks before the holiday season, in each class we will have a Christmas ritual with the Advent spiral and the sound of liras. We´ll also be offering, at the end of the year, lectures and meetings for parents, teachers and those interested in preparing a beautiful Christmas with their children. Meetings where adults can nurture themselves, where we can pause and look inside, prepare our manger, clean our stables and pour these inner actions into our songs, filling the voice with love and pouring them into our children. Little stories will be presented, accompanied by Kántele and small songs.

Attached is a Christmas song, with the central A, that says:


Open your heart! Open your heart!
For the light that will be born!
For love, for love to grow!

Singing is a human gift! It can bring calm and cheer! Songs are what most tightly connect children to the true Christmas meaning and can protect them from the hustle and bustle of the Holiday season, reminding us of the true meaning of birth that takes place within us at this time of the year. The Bethlehem of today is conceived in the heart. No CD or technological device can replace a soul that sings.

Warm regards from Brazil!

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