All Souls Festival and Retreat in the Central Region

By Marianne Dietzel, St. Paul, Minnesota

The Central Region of the Anthroposophical Society in America is concluding a year of The Bridging Project: Between Life and Death from Soul to Soul with a weekend retreat in St. Paul, Minnesota, on November 3-5. We will be working throughout the weekend with eurythmy, color and music to create a Saturday evening festival depicting the journey of the soul between death and rebirth. Participants will have an opportunity to walk a lemniscate path through life, beyond death, and back to earth again in remembrance of loved ones, but also to reflect on their own journey and prepare for the one beyond.

Nancy Carpenter, from Michigan, will join local lyrists Yushi Zhang, Christina Martinez and myself in bringing an experience of the tone and scale for each planetary sphere. Dawn Spanton will lead the group in singing Colin Tanser's Songs of the Seven Planets with lyre accompaniment.

More information and registration for this event can be found here. All are welcome!