More Conference Reflections


By Marianne Dietzel, St. Paul, Minnesota

When I sit down to play my lyre, feeling frustrated at my lack of progress, many of Martin Tobiassen's words from this summer's lyre conference come sounding into my consciousness: “Play slowly and strongly"..."Don't be afraid to make mistakes”...“Do this over and over.” The way he worked with us in finding the patterns in a new piece of music and working through them in a systematic way was a great reminder of how to practice economically.

The two pieces composed by Martin and the stories behind them were delightful in their reflection, in my mind, of a very European way of life. “Unter Eichelberg” portrayed the many anthroposophical endeavors going on in a certain area of Germany around the mountain called Eichelberg. I picture little villages with a curative home here, a farm there, a school here, a clinic there...with anthroposophists working away, giving their best and doing their part to make the world a better place...with all the moments that maybe push them beyond their comfort zones, as well as those that bring joy or satisfaction.

The short and lively “Tarantella” depicted a dance that we were only able to imagine at the intended, dizzying speed.

Perhaps we will have our opportunity to play or hear these pieces again in the Netherlands!