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Dear Friends of the Lyre!

Cântaro represents in Brazil an important pillar of study: of lyre, kantele and Werbeck singing.

We have worked throughout the year in our classes, both in groups and with individuals, always bringing a precious soul quality to the musical work.

We periodically organize meetings with all students as an opportunity to play and sing, in a large group, the repertoire that all students have the opportunity to develop. From the most beginner to the most advanced students, everyone is prepared to participate in the great musical arrangement, each one in their level of learning,

We are always providing and valuing reflections about the spiritual being that dresses in the tone that manifests through our instruments and our voices.

We also work with parents and teachers of young children, nurturing them musically, transforming their relationship with children, as we show which is the music to play and which are the most appropriate musical games for the child from 0 to 7 years.

We believe that Cântaro is a point that radiates light for our city, for our country, and also for the rest of the world, whenever we gather together and express through music what is best in our souls and our hearts.
Warm regards!

Karla and Flávia

Cântaro-Centro de Desenvolvimento Musical
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