Cântaro Group from Brazil Enriched in Zeist

Attending an international lyre conference is a very "enriching" experience in many ways. We at Cântaro are very happy to see the growth of our beloved "lyrists" every time they have that opportunity. Below, some of them tell about their experiences at the Lyre 2018 Conference in Zeist. We are increasingly encouraged to be part of this wonderful community!

It is a precious nutrition for our school and our soul to know that in every different corner of the world there is one more, and one more, and still another lyre sounding together with us!

Cântaro continues its activities strengthened, working for our annual concert, gathering our students and preparing for September 29, when we present a show for children, but also of great significance for adults. "A light in the heart" is the name of the program which seeks to kindle in all hearts the light of love and hope.

Cântaro Centro de Desenvolvimento Musical