My Experience at the Lyre 2018 Conference in Zeist

By Beatriz Polanczyk, Belo Horizonte, Brazil

I am Beatriz, from Cântaro, and I would like to share my experiences at the Lyre 2018 Conference in Zeist with you.

In the morning workshops I took part in "Colloquium on Lyrerythmy," with John Clark, and I experienced playing movements in space with a special group from all over the world. Now, whenever I see flame flying on the candle, I think about Lyrerythmy: how I could take this image and give back to the audience the same feeling of gentle movements, warmth and kindness.

In the afternoon workshops I attended "Playing the lyre in combination with other new developed instruments," with Eric Speelman. It gave me an idea how to play easy pieces combining other instruments such as xylophone, percussion, woodblocks and a lot of Choroi-instruments, improvising rhythms and simple melodies in order to encourage people to join us for playing along.

I was very happy for taking part in it!

Best regards,