Announcing a new LANA Initiative:  The Lyre Connection

By Julia Elliott, Boxford, Massachusetts

We are excited to share a new initiative with our members! The Lyre Connection offers an opportunity for experienced lyrists to support and nurture a growing community of beginners. As we move the lyre forward in the 21st century, we are enthusiastic about sharing our instrument with a new generation of players.

The Lyre Association has been receiving frequent requests for rental instruments from newcomers to the lyre. Often, the inquiry comes from someone who has either seen a video of a lyrist on YouTube or has come across a book in which the lyre is mentioned. Many times, the inquirer has no access to a teacher, lyre group, or music community. It is our hope that we can encourage this blossoming interest in the lyre while also giving new students the necessary foundation to develop a relationship with the instrument in order to enjoy it for years to come.

We encourage all LANA members to consider becoming a volunteer mentor through our Lyre Connection program as we reach out to new lyrists. The relationship between the mentor and the new student will be defined based on your time, interests, and abilities. It could be as simple as offering advice on how to find a teacher, choose music for a beginner, or care for the lyre. Or, it could involve teaching or mentoring in a more active way. We will offer tips and suggestions to mentors, and we will work toward pairing them with students by region.

Please contact Julia Elliott at or (978) 352-5581 if you would like to learn more about this new initiative. Thank you!