Finland and Sweden and Denmark!

By Kerry Lee, Spring City, PA, USA

Finland: I had the great privilege to take part in the meeting of two great teachers in Finland, Christiaan Boele and Thomas Adam. The conference was one of Christiaan’s every-third-year conferences held in Sylvia Coti, near Lahti, in the beautiful land of Finland. This was the first time Thomas was invited to partake in Christiaan’s conference. Christiaan is a charismatic, enthusiastic, and excellent singing teacher; Thomas is more the deeply spiritual therapist going straight to the therapeutic value of the exercises on specific aspects, addressing the well being of the physical as well as etheric, astral, and ego.

Frau Walchen, who personally worked with Frau Werbeck, shared stories and works of Frau Werbek in the Tone and Color Therapy (Color Light Therapy), which they performed on the last day – with rays from the sun rather than artificial light. Frau Werbeck wrote the music after meeting with Dr. Karl König in 1956, using the excarnating / incarnating sequence (Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and back).

We had the pleasure of hearing the head of the Arts Department at the Goetheanum, Johannes Greiner's lecture on the Representative of Man. It is Ahriman’s time. We need to be aware and meet it, knowing that it is his time and his greatest achievement would be if we can no longer find the Christ! We need to build our etheric forces to counter the effects of Ahriman. (He said so much more,)

Of course, many people sang for us! I then improvised on a lyre borrowed from a newly met friend, Hong Chang Kim from South Korea, who had the lyre specially made for him by Horst Nieder.

Sweden: Virginia Anderson and I sailed from Helsinki through the night to Stockholm, Sweden. We went by bus to Järna, near Stockholm. We were met at the bus station by my old friend and Independent Music School partner, Sinnikka Mikkola. We attended a conference (held each year at Solvik Skola) called “Intuitive Pedagogy.” Pär Albom led two of the workshops each day! It was such a delight. He is still jumping and dancing around like a sprite. The games are similar to what Veronika led us through this summer at our Lyre conference in Kimberton, PA. My delight was to see Pär again in action and to have a good long talk with Sinnikka! It was long overdue!

I then visited Margareta Eichenholtz (for those who know her). She sends greetings to all her friends in the US and misses us.

Denmark: Of course, my trip to these countries would not be complete without visiting my son, Cameron, his new wife, Lale, my granddaughter, Amalie, Lale’s parents from Turkey and my daughter, Jennifer, who also traveled overseas to be with us. What a beautiful ending to a wonderful experience in Scandinavia!