The Lyre and Panpipes Play in Greece


By Kayoko Matsubara, Hong Kong

My name is Kayoko Matsubara, but I play lyre under my stage name of Lei Amane. Recently, I started to play panpipes (or pan flute), too. In Greek mythology, the pan flute owes its existence to a god named Pan, the patron of shepherds.

Since the ancient lyre also plays an important part in Greek mythology, the chairman of Japan Panflute Association (JPA), Mr. Atsushi Nakamura, invited me to play together with him in Greece. We played two musical tunes, old and new, which are well explained in the this YouTube video.

To tell you the truth, we played in a studio in Japan, then combined it later with the Greek pictures using a technique called chroma keying.

I hope you enjoy it!