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By Flávia Betti and Karla Polanczyk, Belo Horizante, Brazil

Here in Brazil our work with the Kântele musical instruments with parents and teachers has grown in the last year. As Flávia Betti contemplates the movement of the seasons and the gesture of nature she internalizes that same movement and what it has to teach us. From this she makes the rounds, the stories, the hands-on games and the songs, all of them in pentatonic scale and most of it centered in the tone of A. She brings lullabies and teaches why these songs are so important to children ages 0-7. She teaches how to play the Kântele and speaks a lot about the mood of the 5th.

Teachers from 15 schools participate in the various groups that take place in Belo Horizonte and São Paulo. Currently over 90 people participate in the work.

In July, Flávia and Karla attended the lyre academy in Germany with Martin and Christian. It was a very rich meeting.

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We also participated in the world-wide climate movement, playing for a better world and climate.

In August (wind time in Brazil, end of Winter and beginning of Spring), wind gestures, flying seeds, feathers, handkerchiefs, breaths, singing and feelings were observed. Also in August was the meeting of classes in the Cântaro gathering of singers and lyre players, all playing together the song Nada Te Turbe (Let Nothing Disturb You) that gathers voice and lyre and warms the soul. We send you the score that we used (see below).

September 28th will be our open festival where all classes perform a piece of work during the year.

We would like to send a big Brazilian hug to everyone.

Karla and Flávia

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