News from Brazil


By Flávia Betti, Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Dear friends!

Our music school, Cântaro, is very beautiful this year! We have four singing groups and one of them with teenagers only.

May was the 9th anniversary of Cântaro, with the reunion of all students of singing, lyre and kântele of the school.

In July, we opened the Anthroposophy Congress with the lyres and the teenagers singing.  It was a success! A very good partnership.

In the first semester we had two concerts with Cantaro's advanced lyre group to raise funds to help the lyre players go to the World Lyre Conference in 2018 in the Netherlands. Here is a picture of the rehearsal.


In the second semester we have prepared a children's story in which we will tell a story with singing, lyres and kânteles for the children here at Cantaro, kindergartens and schools. The story is called “O menino que queria aprender a cantar” (The boy who wanted to learn how to sing). The teenagers will speak the characters' parts and between one act and another we will play a song. All beginners and advanced students will participate.

We also will do some plays with the fingers for the children in the middle of the story .


We are sending an advanced music for Kântele called “Para Voar” (To Fly), written in the pentatonic scale.


We are at Spring and our school is very flowery!

Warm regards from Brazil!

Flávia Betti

Cântaro-Centro de Desenvolvimento Musical

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