Lyre Association of North America

Criteria for Board members of the Lyre Association of North America

Criteria for Board members of the Lyre Association of North America

I.  To prepare for the future, LANA is looking for new members who are aligned with the mission of the lyre in our time, particularly as expressed in LANA’s mission statement:

The Lyre Association of North America is a non-profit corporation, the mission of which is to promote the modern lyre and support the lyre community on this continent.

II. LANA is seeking Board members who have energy, initiative, vision, and enthusiasm for our mission. Board members should be willing and able to contribute at least one or more of following to this initiative: work, wisdom, or wealth.

III. LANA is seeking Board members with communication skills, who can work within a group    process.  The board is geographically spread out, so communication takes place via email and telephone. Participation in monthly conference calls is a major part of our work.  

IV. Other skills that would be appreciated in a new board member include legal expertise,  financial oversight, and website content management.   

V. Board members are asked to serve on various sub-committees as needed for the smooth running of our organization. In addition, Board members are expected to be involved with the planning and execution of our annual summer lyre conference, which may also include serving in an ad hoc mandate group of the Board.  

VI. LANA Board membership terms are for three years, with the option to continue serving if re-elected. Officers of the Board are selected internally by the serving Board members each year.

VII. LANA is seeking for more board members from the Midwest and Western US, as well as  from Canada, because at this time most are located in the Eastern US.

 How are nominees selected?

Any member of LANA can recommend a prospective nominee at any time by communicating with a current member of the board. The executive committee and LANA board assess the extent to which a recommended person meets our criteria, and the full board then makes the final decision.