Book Review: Soundings - A Lyre Review

We hope that everyone in the lyre community is aware of the riches in our journal, Soundings: A Lyre Review. Each issue of Soundings is published in two parts, one containing articles of real substance and permanent value and the other containing music.

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Articles in Volume 5 - Soundings – Advent 2014:

  • Potential of the Unique Resonance of Lyre Tones, by Hajime Kira

“The resonance of the lyre reveals the invisible essence of the music to the player as well as to the listener when we are balancing the four elements, connecting the ‘I’ with the moment, and creating the vessel of silence.”

  • Inner Balance and the Lyre by Catherine Read

“Working on inner listening immediately forms connections among people, and these connections provide the possibility of cooperative work with the spiritual world.”

  • The Interval and Movement by Christof-Andreas Lindenberg

"In these days of the … anniversary of building the first lyre (in the night from the fifth to sixth October, 1926), one’s thoughts turn to Lothar Gärtner. Together with Edmund Pracht, he willed the lyre out of its own ether movement, if one can say so. This truly was a Michaelic deed."

Volume 5 Music Supplement, contains:

  • In the Silence of Listening, by Channa Seidenberg

  • Two sets of Travels compositions by the late Jean Anderberg, The Breathing Sea and A Dream of Land

  • Into Advent and Advent Music for Two Instruments, by Christof-Andreas Lindenberg

  • And Pastoral Symphony (From the Messiah), arranged by Michael Brewer

  • Another special feature of volume 5 is POETRY by Christian Morgenstern (Krishna Mood) and Catherine Decker (Earth Hush).

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