Book Review: Come with me to the West, Arranged by Cecilia Unsworth

Come with me to the West.jpg

Come with me to the West: Traditional songs of the Hebrides and other songs from the British Isles, arranged for lyre by Cecilia Unsworth

Reviewed by Nancy Carpenter, Detroit, Michigan

One of the many great aspects of the international lyre conferences is the opportunity to meet talented lyrists, composers and arrangers from a variety of cultures. When I met Cecilia Unsworth, I was impressed with her knowledge and arrangements of traditional songs from the British Isles. Her “Come with me to the West” is a treasure of these melodies, many of which are familiar in North America, too.

I have played the pieces as a solo player and have introduced many of these arrangements to my beginning students, as well. As Cecilia writes in her introduction to this collection,” The melodies are simple and yet so beautiful. Coming from the heart, they are also so evocative of the dance of light, wind and wave in the sea and sky around the isles, that when you play them you can imagine you are there.”

I highly recommend this collection of these rich musical songs of the Hebrides. They are suitable for the solo player as well as ensembles from Beginners to Advanced.

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