Lyre Association of North America

Christmas Greetings from MetalGeorg in Brazil

Dear friends of Sound Instruments,


Since August we live and work in Campinas / Brazil! Our blacksmith's workshop has been set up since September and some instruments have already been made for Brazil, Germany, and other countries. We have also developed a new instrument: a diatonic “Glockenspiel” (metallophone) C5–C6 and pentatonic D5–E6. The diatonic can be seen and heard in this video with a happy Christmas carol. Anyone interested in our instruments can contact us via e-mail ( or telephone / WhatsApp (+55-19-997969503) or visit the website for details.

We wish you all a peaceful and blessed Christmas,
Daniela and Georg Ehrenwinkler
Metal Georg / AurumSom
Daniela Ozi-Ehrenwinkler, Cantoterapia-Musicoterapia-Terapiatonal / 0055 19 99796950