Lyre Association of North America

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Movement For Musical Renewal Conference: Monday, July 1 – Friday, July 5, 2019, Camphill Village, Kimberton, Pennsylvania

Movement – Sound – Music

Working with New Instruments in pedagogy and therapy with both children and adults, toward developing a new future-bearing listening

We will work with metal instruments (gongs, rods, cymbals, and others), stringed instruments (lyres, including pentatonic and Bordun lyres, psalteries, chrottas), wind instruments (C-flutes, pentatonic flutes, ocarinas), and percussion instruments (drums, rattles, etc.). Our work will be based on the books by Reinhild Brass (Hörwege entdeckenI) and Gerhard Beilharz (Musik in Pädagogik und Therapie), focusing on new methods in music pedagogy and therapy, as is possible with these new instruments. No previous musical experience necessary.

This conference will be led by Veronika Roemer, professional violist, pianist, and Seminar Music Teacher at The Camphill School, Glenmoore, PA. Veronika also teaches musical renewal in China, Hungary, and North America.

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