Lyre Association of North America

LANA Membership and Financial Participation

As you know, LANA's vision is to support the development of a movement for musical renewal in all its manifestations – through our publications, conferences, music sales, lyre rentals, and other programs.

For many years, we have asked a modest $40 annual membership fee to cover our operating expenses, which include hosting conferences, providing music and books for sale, purchasing lyres to rent or sell to our members, and gathering and publishing national and international lyre news, along with the usual "behind-the-scenes" financial and administrative work. Specific benefits to members include our annual glossy lyre journal and quarterly e-news along with discounts to conferences, financial aid for those unable to afford our conferences, the opportunity to rent or purchase lyres, and music sales discounts.

As our programs continue to grow, so do our expenses, and to cover all the costs entailed in the running of our association, we rely on member support. We are committed to keeping our Regular Membership dues at $40 annually; however, we are finding that the additional $10 for Supporting Membership does not allow us to cover all of our current expenditures. Therefore, going forward, the Board of LANA is recommending an increase to an additional $25 for our Supporting Membership category, which would mean an annual contribution of $65 instead of $50. We warmly invite you to consider making this increased tax-deductible contribution as a Supporting Member of the Lyre Association of North America.

Of course, we deeply appreciate the support of each one of our members, regardless of which membership category anyone chooses!

Cheryl Martine, Fair Oaks, CA
LANA Membership Secretary
Address: LANA, 2237 Kimberton Rd, Phoenixville, PA 19460