Lyre Association of North America

LANA's Annual Report ... and more!

Dear friends,

Last month, 40 LANA members and friends participated in a wonderful Movement for Musical Renewal conference led by Veronika Roemer in Kimberton, PA. We were an extraordinarily diverse group of men and women of all ages, from adolescents to elders as well as special friends from two different Camphill Villages. It was such a joy to be together and experience so many new instruments and new ways of working together. We are very grateful for Veronika’s musical guidance and for the hard-working LANA Board who organized and managed the complex logistics that made this conference possible.

The LANA Board is already giving some thought to our 2020 Lyre Intensive conference, and the first step is exploring possible locations. For starters, we would need a local contact or host as well as a fairly accessible venue to support such a conference. We are asking LANA members and friends to consider if you could be of any help to us in this regard. Thank you in advance for giving this preliminary idea some consideration. If you are interested and willing to have a conversation to explore such a possibility, please fill out this Form or write to us at

Finally, we are attaching here the latest Annual Report from the Lyre Association of North America. We hope that you will find it to be of interest!

Thank you very much,

Sheila Johns, LANA Vice-President
Lyre Association of North America