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The School of Uncovering the Voice with Christiaan Boele: 2020 Opportunities

christiaan Boele and Students

christiaan Boele and Students

In July 2019 seventeen students completed the 2nd East Coast School of Uncovering the Voice Foundational Training taught by master teacher Christiaan Boele and another 24 new students attended the annual summer East Coast Singing Retreat.

If we missed you in 2019 and you have been wondering what "The School of Uncovering the Voice" is all about, then save the dates for 2020 and click here to read the article in Waldorf Today "Why your Voice Matters!”

Click here for East Coast Events (Highlights below) and click here for West Coast events.

Winter 2020: East Coast Winter Weekend Singing Retreat, February 21-23, 2020.

Summer 2020: Opening Course of the 3rd East Coast Uncovering the Voice Foundational Training, July 6-10, 2020.

Open to anyone with no long term commitment required. If you have been thinking about this training, Summer 2020 is the time to begin. This may be the last cycle Christiaan offers in the United States.

Please note: Course #3 is starting in February on the West coast and that is the last time new people can join for the training. If any people on the West Coast want to start in February they can make up courses #1 and #2 on the East Coast.