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Two New Colin Tanser Books Added to Music Sales Inventory


We are excited to be able to offer two new books of Colin Tanser’s music through our music sales service. The two collections, The Eight-fold Path, Days and Planets and More Songs by Colin Tanser (both published by Upper Esk Music), remind us of why we love Colin Tanser’s music so much. With arrangements for voice and lyre, the pieces are evocative, beautiful, and wonderfully accessible.

Andrew Dyer, of Upper Esk Music, says of The Eight-fold Path, Days and Planets: “In 1985, Colin Tanser encountered Marja Slotemaker’s settings of words by Anke Weihs relating to the Eight-fold Path. This inspired him to write his own music using the same words, with piano accompaniment. Then in 1994, he composed a second set with lyre accompaniment. This volume contains both sets. It also has an incomplete set of reflections on the Planetary Scales and their relationship with the days of the week and the eight-fold path. These reflections include songs from ‘The Eight-fold Path.’”

And, of More Songs by Colin Tanser, Dyer writes: “This collection contains songs not included in previously published volumes. They are very varied in their styles and content, and range from unaccompanied songs and rounds to songs with accompaniments. In common with all Colin Tanser’s songs, they are sensitive and effective.”

If you are new to Colin Tanser’s music, please take a look at our music sales service on the website and check out all of his offerings (as well as those of 40 other amazing composers!). If you are already a fan, we highly recommend adding these two new volumes to your collection!